About author:


Roman is explorer with passion for adventure travel, photography and archaeology.

EXPLORING PRESENT: Primarily passion is exploring remote territories. He visited 120+ countries of six continents. His special interests are volcanoes (7 volcano summits), Middle East, Central Asia and countries less visited such as Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Ethiopia, Sudan, Papua New Guinea, Somaliland, Djibouti, Rwanda, Bangladesh, etc.. He travels independently, with friends, his son or recently also as an freelance travel leader for adventure tour companies.

CAPTURING & SHARING & INSPIRING: One of his passions is travel photography and video. He had already 13 own photography exhibitions. His photographs are seen in books and magazines, but also stolen as postcards on streets of Sanaa... Recently, he jumped into social media with own Twitter and Instagram accounts beside his own web site. He want to inspire people to visit less-known or visited places, and by this, to support local economy. 

EXPLORING PAST: The latest passion (and freelance profession) is archaeology of pre-Islamic Arabia. He is working on book about Frankincense Route, studying MA in Archaeology and Heritage Management (Leicester University, UK), writing scientific papers, participating in archaeological expeditions ... and having some real discoveries!

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